Sixx God Vocal Preset Chain

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  The best of all worlds, a true versatile vocal template. Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.

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The best of all worlds, a true versatile vocal template. Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.
  • Works with all versions of FL Studios 11 and up
  • All plugins in the stock version use native plugins that comes with your recording software except for Autotune.
  • Autotune is used in this template, but if you don’t have Autotune then we also include instructions for a free pitch correction plugin that you can use to replace it.


  • Requirements: 
    FL Studio 11 or Up
    Intel-based Macintosh or PC
Through our direct delivery system, all customers will be provided with downloads instantly after checking out. Please check your email inbox for links, as well as Spam folders.

In these vocal template preset packs, we include the vocal chains of your choice as well as a full instruction tutorial on how to use them properly and how to manipulate them to mold your sound.

If for some reason a technical error occurs and you do not receive your kit after your purchase, contact with proof of purchase, Order #, and kits missing. And we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
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  1. Question Clinton on

    Can I use this on iPhone?

  2. Best engineer out rn Loc on

    Presets well worth the money 💰 ❗️🔥

  3. Sixx God Vocal Preset Chain touli.hbeatz on

    fácil de usar y personalizar 100% recomendado

  4. fire ahmed on

    Excelente 100% recomendado

  5. Six god Josh on

    This preset give me the quality/sound I been missing in my mixes 🐐

  6. Sixx God Lit Template !! MarcoPolo – eMPe on

    Easy to setup, and assorted templates. Excellent !! 100% recommended WavMonop!

  7. Lil Durr Template Big Z’s on

    Super easy to use and customize. Gave me the exact sound that I was looking for when I was recording. I am going to buy more!

  8. glad I grabbed Davon Fletcher on

    good mix and quility glad i bought it mixes will be a1 now

  9. Instantly ready to cook Chaz on

    Will be back to get more of these wonderfully crafted templates that make recording simple!! I’ve been recording & mixing music for years and I have plenty experience mixing professional radio ready records and I can tell you this man is legit. The sound and order of session similar to how me and other pros work !! Thank you for all you do #wavgang

  10. Blown Away Tommy V on

    Blown Away How Amazing These Templates Sound!! Game Changer For Me & Everyone!!

  11. Really DOPE Template! James E! Walker on

    The Sixx God Vocal Preset is absolutely dope! Saves so much time to allow you to keep your workflow and the results you get keep you inspired to jump right into the next track. Master Chain is phenomenal!!! By the way, customer service is A1. Already browsing through more presets. Thanks WavMan!

  12. Nice presets !!!!! Dj Crowd on

    This thing is perfect for somebody da dont know how to mix himself …. Perfect .

  13. Fireee St on

    Amazing foundation to build on! Nothing but fire

  14. It's Fantastic! Using only stock Plugins! True Sounding! Anton on

    I thought about this presets for a long time. I just know that there are good people who will take care of us beatmakers and will teach and arm us with this simple in use vocals presets. Many Thank and respect to WavMonopoly!!!

  15. EASY TO USE! Salx on

    The best preset pack I have ever bought. Industry standard and radio ready! This preset pack will make you hits!

  16. great purchase K Hayles on

    as a independent artist I want to be able to do everything myself, allowing me to reduce production cost and invest in music videos and marketing. this plug provides a range of sound for different type of songs. in addition the depth of plugins used to eliminate problems such as the harshness of S&T’S (like in his YouTube videos) are very important for my personal understanding of music in general and the quality of my own songs.

    I would highly recommend

  17. ???????????? Keliy on

    I love everything about this preset ????????????????

  18. ???????????????? Young Le on

    This jawn here so fye fye it’s a must cop!!! Copping more very soon

  19. Big difference!! Mikey J on

    Improves overall sound of the music and puts you on par with the recording pros!

  20. Great starting point! Norbert Balaz on

    Just as others already pointed out I bought this kinda blind. For that reason I got the Stock Version so I am sure that I can run this sample pack. Boy, I am amazed how good this is. I am not a rapper, but a producer and a “self-thought” mixing engineer, and I have to say that this preset pack gets you 80 to 95% of mixing. One major issue you probably will get is gain staging – it is ESSENTIAL to gain stage your vocal track otherwise this will dynamically crush the poop out of it and doesn’t show the potential of the pack. So my advice would be to re-tweak the threshold on all dynamic processes (compressors, multiband compressors, limiters) so you get the best of the best. Therefore you kinda can’t just slap the presets on the vocal and hope for the best – you need a tiny bit of self mixing. Other than that, I am grateful that there are not only one vocal chain and that there are several adlib options. Definitly gonna buy the other packs too!

  21. Cool stuff Everything on

    Got the vocal tighter and the master ready for radio!!

  22. Sixx God Vocal Preset Chain - That's great! Leonid on

    I bought this. Sounds great! The voice becomes very bright and it sounds good in the mix!

  23. Makes recording so easy and less stressful JTL Jaido on

    I bought the Sixx God vocal presets and they sound dope and smooth asf. Really enjoy not having to do the bulk of the mixing or mastering when I use it.

  24. No Regrets Racardo D. Davis on

    When I purchased this, I initially didn’t know what to expect but after trying it out, I have no regrets.

  25. Just Purchased Kardo Santana on

    Just purchased this preset pack. I have almost purchased all preset chains from WavMonopoly and I have no regrets.

  26. PERFECT! S Byrd on

    Amazing template and it also comes with a tutorial!

  27. Game Changing! LJ Trip on

    I’ve struggled for years trying to get my vocals where they need to be and this preset changed that instantly! Definitely worth it!

  28. Get to Creating! Joshua Smartt on

    Bought this template today! Listened to a few other presets as this one didn’t have an actual demo to preview. Nevertheless I was more than satisfied with my purchase. I did buy the waves version over the stock version because I prefer waves over stock but it was a shot in the dark because I didn’t know which waves plugins were used on this preset and I didn’t want to have to buy this preset over again. Maybe the waves plugin requirements is something that can be displayed for future presets in the description. Other then that I only was only missing 2 out of the other presets that were used for this preset and waves always has sales going on so I purchased the 2 I was missing! Very happy with this and will be buying the “baby goin crazy” next!

  29. Perfect! Soul Lo on

    I’m new to mixing and mastering vocals and this was everything I could ask for. I recored a single using this and everything was crisp.

  30. TRANSPARANT Dayne Plescia on

    First off Awesome! Super easy to install and Quinton was extremely helpful in troubleshooting any questions i had. If you’re an engineering impaired Artist like me this is your CHEATCODE. Worth every penny.

  31. Like Magic Chris Kane on

    Very clean sound. Felt like I had an engineer in my house. Tutorial was easy to follow and gave some great tips.

  32. Works great! Chris Kane on

    Everything was sooth as butter. Felt like I had an engineer in my home.
    Tutorial is very easy to follow and have some great tips

  33. Fuego KatzkiDidThat on

    Bought The Sixx God Template for ableton and was exactly the start I need as someone just learning how to record vocals .. Highly recommend and will definitely be buying more products soon

  34. Fuego KatzkiDidThat on

    Bought Sixx God ableton template and is exactly what I need to get going as a beginner at tracking vocals highly recommend the product and will be buying many more as well

  35. ???????????????????? Leo w3ST on

    Perfect for versatility

  36. Dope! Nathan Morrissette on

    Excellent sounding preset complete fire! it really brought the track to life

  37. Dope! Nathan Morrissette on

    great sounding preset. really brings the track to life. A+

  38. fuegoooooo !! Tido Love on

    just bought this bundle and love it . if your looking for that nice industry sound this is the one

  39. This template is fire! A-Eazy on

    This template is the truth! I purchased it and used it on a single I’m about to release. And the vocals came out so clear and crispy. The template was super easy to use. There is a video you can watch to learn how to use it or follow the comments in the template itself. I highly recommend this, it’s worth it.

  40. Gracias bro Jordan Bermedo Opazo on

    Saludos de chile bro agradesco mucho todo !

  41. Worth it Anshul on

    This is the first one i tried out for logic pro, and to be honest I didn’t think it would work but It seems like it really helps gives the drake ambient type vocals. Im bout to try them all out now !

  42. saves a lot of time x on

    cuts the time it takes to go from idea to almost final song. i still mix it a bit to what i like tho

  43. Complete upgrade Marc may on

    These presets have completely upgraded my sound and made the process so much quicker.

  44. Sounds so precise!! Dante Vestal on

    After purchasing and testing it out in FL and seeing how on point it is to the actual artist, Im seriously in the mood to just stay home all day everyday just to make music!!! Can’t wait to start recording!!!

  45. Clean and smooth lorenzo martinez on

    Just bought this and I must say it is great! The presets are clear and crisp! Thank you Quinton! Customer service is fast and professional!

  46. Plugin in is great! Joe Wizard on

    Cuts down mixing time more then half, tweeks here and there to match my voice and good to goooo!

  47. Brings life !!!! bray on

    Clean presets !! gets the mood just right getting more !!!

  48. brings life bray on

    Vocal presets so clean. Definitely worth every penny. Cant wait for more to be available in logic !!!

  49. Great pack Kilo on

    Great presets works perfectly with Logic Pro x. 10/10 recommend!!

  50. Clutch Famus AAA on

    Very clean vocal preset on the site about to purchase another preset right now!

  51. Drake Vocal Preset Charles Reynolds on

    One of the best purchases I made this year! Definitely inspired and going to use this on all my vocals

  52. Returning Customer Smoke Lee on

    Instantly upon uploading the template into Pro Tools I could see that I got my money’s worth!! Before I have even put the plugins to use I’m more than excited!! Buying my second template now!

  53. Drake preset Devantee on

    Amazing preset tool, got me creating vibes, and songs with such ease!!! ????