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Flixtape Vocal Preset Chain

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  This preset gives you that edgy new RnB sound of today. Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.  

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This preset gives you that edgy new RnB sound of today. Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.


  • Works with all versions of FL Studios 11 and up
  • All plugins in the stock version use native plugins that comes with your recording software except for Autotune.
  • Autotune is used in this template, but if you don’t have Autotune then you can simply replace it with fruity pitcher that comes with FL Studio.  We also include instructions for a free pitch correction plugin that you can use to replace it.
  • Full “How to Use” Instructional guide inside to get you started


  • Requirements: 
  • FL Studio 11 or Up
  • Intel-based Macintosh or PC
Through our direct delivery system, all customers will be provided with downloads instantly after checking out. Please check your email inbox for links, as well as Spam folders.

In these vocal template preset packs, we include the vocal chains of your choice as well as a full instruction tutorial on how to use them properly and how to manipulate them to mold your sound.

If for some reason a technical error occurs and you do not receive your kit after your purchase, contact with proof of purchase, Order #, and kits missing. And we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
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  1. sickkk present! purpxz on

    gave an exotic feel to my voice, lovie it 100%

  2. Amazing Preset Min Nai on

    Didn’t know if this preset would work well with me but it did! Highly recommend this to someone who’s looking to get a very good R&B type preset.

  3. Took me to the next level!! Tre’ on

    Definitely would recommend this to anyone who is looking to up their game vocally. Been using this and never looked to another template. LA FLAME

  4. duroo jockey on

    me gusta mucho todos sus productos , fuego*

  5. very perfect Rich Pro on

    loving your production i have got the presets now



  7. Really a Game Changer!! DeVante Tha Healer on

    I love these bundles i got from you. its revitalized and rekindled my passion for recording and has taken soo much time off of the process. its crazy how good you’ll sound straight out the box.

  8. Worth it ❌???? YSN Melvin on

    This probably the best thing u can invest in if ur tryna make professional Music!!

  9. Easy ! Mikey J on

    So easy to use, I was spending bread getting my songs mixed by engineers. This will be my new method to use moving forward. Great work dev!

  10. FlixTape Preset DonDotta on

    100% worth it.

  11. good job Rejjie on

    vocals sound much better

  12. FIRE Maliano on

    I just got my equipment & needed something to assist me with recording on my own. This right here has definitely been a big help

  13. Bought 2 presets Satyam Thani on

    Pfoeeee these presets are ????! Supporting from the Netherlands!!

  14. Great Pack Sain Owumi on

    Great Preset Pack was deciding betwwen giving four stars and five stars and forreal i have no complaints. The tutorial vid is good easy to install. Teaches you about EQ’ing and mastering for the experience alone its worth the money. I saw these on ig and was debating awhile on whether not I should get it. Glad I did it really brings your vocals to life.
    Preciate It!

  15. Life changing James Brexton on

    this is a life changing i’m an independent artist and i been struggling with my mix and wavmonopoly got me covered they have that sound i was looking for i’m so glad i invest my money on this .
    if you want your music to be heard wavmonopoly will take you to the next level hands down ????????????????????????

  16. HARD Jayy on

    The coldest preset everrrr !!!! Very helpful

  17. CLASSIC Jayy C on

    Literally works perfectly with every type of sound I need to take my music to the next level !

  18. literally the best presets out there indigo on

    literally the best presets out there. well organized and best sounding compared to other preset providers

  19. what I needed Jay Sproxton on

    oh my god this literally saves me so much time and energy that I can better spend on writing and recording. easy as hell to understand 10/10

  20. THE LIFE SAVER Jonathan on

    Literally will make you sound pro if you have talent. Pro presets fr. Rare case where it actually wasn’t to good to be true and if saves so much time and money that you don’t have to spend on engineers. Exceeded my expectations!

  21. Flixtape Mike Navarre on

    just bought it. instantly started to use it! this is a game changer! easy setup video with it. Dope!

  22. tory lanez preset Tiziano Liriano on

    Great preset! its a must have fr…

  23. flixtape purchase su the chef on

    dope preset for a great price would recommend for others

  24. tory lanez preset cedrick wright on

    totally worth it bro thanks for the link explaining how to install , the presets sound great will for sure be purchasing another today

  25. a must have justjeffery on

    definitely great and the fact that it use stock presets even greater