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Pen Griffey Vocal Preset Chain

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  Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.

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Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.
  • Works with FL Studios 11 and up
  • All plugins in the stock version use native plugins that comes with your recording software except for Autotune.
  • Autotune is used in this template, but if you don’t have Autotune then you can simply replace it with fruity pitcher that comes with FL Studio.  We also include instructions for a free pitch correction plugin that you can use to replace it.
  • Full “How to Use” Instructional guide inside to get you started


  • Requirements: 
  • FL Studio 11 or Up
  • Intel-based Macintosh or PC
Through our direct delivery system, all customers will be provided with downloads instantly after checking out. Please check your email inbox for links, as well as Spam folders.

In these vocal template preset packs, we include the vocal chains of your choice as well as a full instruction tutorial on how to use them properly and how to manipulate them to mold your sound.

If for some reason a technical error occurs and you do not receive your kit after your purchase, contact with proof of purchase, Order #, and kits missing. And we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
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  1. Pen Griffey Vocal Preset Chain.....this is the real deal. trusscityofficial on

    Love it, completely worth it!
    Customer service is on point to. Win, Win for me.

  2. amazing Cedric S on

    thank you for this

  3. Perfect if you have found your own sound, and need it to sound the best it can be! K♠DE on

    Amazing, you can tweak these as needed but they don’t need much.

    Very well controlled sound, makes engineering a lot less stressful, and workflow much more of a breeze.

    HIGHLY recommend the pro tools one, you can’t match it’s sound, way better than logic, and to make such a great sound so easy to use is a dream.

    Mr Wav knows his stuff for sure, time to make some BANGERS

  4. Pen Griffey Doubler Taahir on

    I Bought This Knowing, I Couldn’t Posdibly Create The ‘Pen Griffey Doubler Now Just To Wait For The Reply On How/Where Is The Doubler Implemented..

  5. amazing chris on

    its amazing preset
    thank you

  6. Amazing Chris on

    Its amazing
    Thank you
    Continue on this direction and make other preset for ableton

  7. Pen Griffey is HEAT!!! Pen Griffey on

    Fire vocal chains

  8. Pen Griffey preset is absolute FIRE! Nigel L. Johnson on

    Finally got around to experimenting with the Pen Griffey presets that I bought on my client’s work (as well as my own.) Really great starting point sound wise. It goes without saying that a few tweaks are needed based on the artist in question’s voice but these presets take a lot of the work out of finding that “it factor” sound and I know my clients can leave my studio with a product that inspires them and makes them want to come back.

  9. Hoes FLOCKING NGB Draco on

    Boii this shxt bout slap hard as hell omm cuh. Mane I put this shxt in fl studio and I was str8 jamming making music bro so HMU if yhu wanna put some collab time in…Gotta learn some new everyday fam

  10. Great way to find me Artez 27 on

    Presets helped me find my voice honestly.

  11. Proof of awesomeness Artez 27 on

    Had down a great preset made easy for me to find my voice honestly.

  12. What do i do Jammie Thompson on

    I ordered 2 templates and both are coming up as “cant be created” what do i do.

  13. Let's get it!!! Mk McFadden on

    I love creating instrumentals but I dislike mixing vocals. Go ahead and save yourselves sometime and purchase this care package. S/O to WavMan, WavMonopoly Mafia!!!!! Lol!!!!

    M.k McFadden
    Location: Saint Louis, Mo